Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Some pictures from Solstice

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Some pictures from Solstice

Well, much of what will be posted is sort of "old news." I have some pictures in my in box that I'd like to share and this seems the best way. As many of you know, I took Amrit this summer at Summer Solstice here at Ram Das Puri. I don't have any pictures of that but I do have some from my first time at Solstice. If anyone out there has pictures of me during the Amrit ceremony I would be obliged if you passed them along to me.

This picture was taken the night before the Amrit ceremony. We all stay up through the night singing and chanting. Very beautiful. I couldn't have slept anyway so having an organized slumber party was the ideal prelude to the morning events. This is my dear friend Sahaj (on my right) and a friend from Vancouver, BC, Ad Purakh.

Going to Solstice for the first time combined with moving my entire life and starting a new job the Monday after it was all over was quite the experience. I highly recommend it--if you've laid the groundwork, that is. The community here is really growing, so there are several new people in the sangat which helps. Plus, some of the old-timers have been really kind to me and have ushered me into seva and song, which has been a blessing.

My friend Jude took this shot. A beautiful view overlooking the bazaar tent at sunset.

This is Sahaj and I during a break the first day of Tantric. We had a powerful time together. I think the picture below must be us at the end of the day; we look to pleased to have more ahead of us!

White Tantra in all its Glory!


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