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Monday, October 31, 2005

Good morning. It's Monday, Halloween, after an eventful weekend. I wish I had a camera because my roommate is dressed as the Queen of Hearts today and she looks stunning. A red (fire engine red) sating princess cut dress with straps and little rhinestone closures. So not her cool space-chic, Princess Leiah gig she usually has going on.

Movie recommendation: Prime. Terrible name and I don't usually like Uma Thurmann but she pulls it off in this movie--genuine and fresh. The kid in the movie is amazing. I've never seen him before and, although my Jewish friends say Meryl didn't quite pull it off, I thought her performance was good. But what do I know, a WASP from small-town Texas?

It was especially applicable to me and my circumstances--37 surrounded only by younger men. I can be thankful I'm not divorced. I can be thankful I'm not about to have my heart broken by a younger man--despite my transient and often mislaid crushes. Most of the time, I can be thankful I'm single, truth be told.

We made halloween cookies this weekend--they weren't a Martha moment, to say the least. But it was fun visiting with friends and making a mess.

May you have an uneventful Halloween. Blessings on Dia de los Muertos! Sat Siri Akal!


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