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Friday, December 26, 2008

Pusher Man

I read an outrageous article today on the Washington Post: the CIA has been using Viagra and other male performance-enhancing drugs to win over the Taliban. Who knew that all we needed to offer them was a hard on? Not food, not schools, not peace. Just one rousing night and they hand over all kinds of evidence: names, locations, etc. Incredible--in the most literal sense of the word--without credibility.

As a woman, I am continually amazed by the singular focus of the common male psyche. Hard to believe so much rides on that 'little piece of meat' as Yogiji would say. (pun not intended)But there it is, once again.

The illegality of handing out prescription drugs is just the cherry on top of the turd pie that is US Diplomacy. Internationally, the US has always been known for pushing its culture out into the wider world, distorting traditional cultures and forever changing the way the world eats, spends family time, travel, etc. But now, to have such an explicit example of 'pushing' the ultimate narcotic--a man's And we criticize Afghanistan for growing poppy.

Good thing irony is making a comeback.


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good one.after all what do men want?


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