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Monday, June 22, 2015

Becoming a Teacher

I recently completed the KRI Level Three Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. A long fruitful process that begins with the first step--the call to become a Teacher. I remember saying to myself, I'm going to be a Yoga Teacher--a full 10 years before I ever even found the practice that would become my path! But somewhere inside myself I understood that as a reality of my identity.

The call to become a Teacher is a profound urge to serve, to uplift and to cultivate a mind that can be at rest, even under the greatest stress.  The call to become a Teacher must be answered. It may take 10 years or it can happen tomorrow! The nature of Kundalini Yoga is that it calls you to act--now! Not tomorrow, not someday, not maybe, but now. And that willingness to say Yes is the same power that will enable you to fulfill that Yes. Saying yes to becoming a Teacher is saying yes to trusting the universe to come and serve you in your identity so that you can in turn serve others.

The KRI Aquarian Teacher is a three-tiered program: Instructor, Practitioner and finally Teacher, which takes you progressively from the skills you need to deliver the experience of Kundalini Yoga, to the transformation that results from becoming a Practitioner, and finally the consciousness that one cultivates to hold the vastness and integrity of a Teacher. It's a life's work and you can begin it now!

I'm involved in two KRI Level One Teacher Trainings coming up this year: Immersion 2015 here in Espanola, NM and a 10-month course starting in September in Reno, Nevada. To find out more  or to register today see: or


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