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Monday, November 07, 2005

movie reviews

I saw two really great movies this weekend. The first, Good Night and Good Luck about the McCarthy era and Edward R. Murrow/CBS News. It was a perfect mirror to the FOX news generation and the extremism of the Right and the vilification of even the most mildly liberal opinions and perspectives in the public forum. George Clooney directed this seemless black and white film using vintage newsreels and footage with the contemporary actors and story. The movie opens with a monologue from Murrow--it was prophetic--and we are living in the times that he spoke of: Entertainment is valued more than education, spectacle more than perspective, and zealots more than true zeal.

A must see!

The other movie was called Touch the Sound--about a deaf percussionist. Fabulous. For those of you who have been to my sound healing treatments, you'll understand my enthusiasm. The way she spoke about sound being embodied and they way she moved in relationship to the sound was so compelling. Her strength and integrity as an artist were inspiring. It woke up the child in me that heard everything--"big ears"--was my nickname, derogatory yes, but true. I was so awake to sound. This movie was a call to wake-up.


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