Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Even Longer

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Even Longer

Wow--it's been even longer since the last time I wrote...I'm losing my touch. Actually I've been really busy--and I think of things to write about--but then don't make the time to sit down and actually do it.

Various topics that have crossed my mind to write about but never made it to 'paper':

Intellectual crushes: Paul Krugman and Reza Aslan
All the many ways I've fallen in love
Meditations on walking in Northern New Mexico
Feminism and the lack thereof
Politics Politics Politics and Death to the Republican Party
The Ugly Face of Fanaticism versus the Truth of Religion
Friendship--the beginnings and the endings
I (heart) TV--and all my favorite new shows
The genius of Dwayne Johnson--that's right, The Rock

All these and many more. . . . oh well.

At least now I have a list of things I can write about in the future!

Happy Spring!


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