Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: The Mystery

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Mystery

Strange things are afoot. I was contacted by someone this week who has never practiced Kundalini Yoga and isn't even particularly spiritual. But she had an experience that she needed to share with me, because it involved my music. She was in a dark place emotionally and was struggling with sleep so she went to turn on her tablet and without any commands from her, a You Tube video of my song Aisa Naam opened up spontaneously. She didn't understand what it was, but she began to listen and immediately fell into a profound sleep and awoke--14 hours later!--rested, calm and at ease.

If we think this technology doesn't have the power to touch and to heal, we are miscalculating its impact, which is universal. And if we think we're "in charge" of how its found--through marketing, or facebook, or traveling and touring--we're also profoundly mistaken. Karta Purkh, the Hand of the Doer, is working through all the many mediums available to her; and the sound current is coming to all those who call out in search of The Name.

I've never believed in a savior; but I relate to the feeling of needing one. I relate to the hopelessness, the sense of being lost; but I've also had the experience and the ecstasy of being found.  And even though I still don't relate to being saved, I do relate to a thing known as grace because I've experienced it.  Grace that is that moment of awakening--the tejas--that allows us to see in a new way, ourselves or others. That moment of kindness from a stranger.  That silence just before a sound that breaks your heart open. That look that makes you understand that you've never really known what love was before this moment, right here, right now. These are moments of grace; and we create them with every breath, with every act of kindness, and with every act of creation.

We may never meet all the people that our art touches or has touched. We may never being able to calculate the impact our lives have had on others. But just this one story, this one life, this one heart is enough.


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