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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Obama for President

Well, okay, I know he hasn't even declared that he's running yet in '08, but I just have to say it anyway. I've just finished The Audacity of Hope, Obama's new book about politics and life in America today. He's speaks with insight, careful thought, and with equanimity whenever and wherever possible, which is happily enough, quite often. He talks about politics and policy the that I think about them. The two sides are not that far apart--and when they appear to be it's more often than not an illusion of 'media masterminding' than reality.

The book addresses in its various chapter titles--faith, family, race--the central themes of his life both personal and political. It's a great short history on foreign and domestic policy as well as an insightful look at some of the hot topics in today's headlines: abortion, race, labor relations, etc.

I highly recommend the book--to everyone from both sides of the aisle. If anything, he may be the answer to a long-awaited prayer--my mother has said she'll vote for him, which means she'll be voting for a democrat should he get the nomination. And I have waited a long time for her to say that!

It's not that I don't think H. Clinton has the capacity, skill, or integrity to be President of these United States. She certainly does. It's not that I don't recognize my own hidden misogyny in saying that I don't believe the American people have it within them to vote for a woman--I do. But still, if I had to say today what I hope for, it's that the junior senator from Illinois makes his bid in time to be successfully lofted into the heart of the democratic party and the people of the United States--whatever party they may claim allegiance to--so that as we approach these inevitably challenging times, we have someone of caliber, self-awareness, diplomacy, and faith to take us through them. I believe Barack Obama is that person.


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