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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Greatest Game

Well, the weather kept me home long enough to see all of the bowl games last weekend. And the one that I will remember for a very long time was Boise State vs. Oklahoma. I was done with football by the time this particular game came on and tried to beg out of it, but my parents were having none of it. They wanted to see Oklhahoma win since Texas A & M and UT had both lost their games. So, I stuck it out and man, I'm glad I did! This was the greatest game of football I've ever seen--and I've seen a few great games.

I was moaning along with all of America I'm sure when the Boise State Quarterback threw that last interception. All they had to do was take the ball down the field--safely--and kick a field goal. Instead, the Sooners intercept and make a touchdown. BSU has only 1:20 seconds to get the ball down the field to tie the game. And, incredibly, they do! Then begins the tie breaker and again, it felt to me that BSU would lose heart when the Sooners so easily (in one play) made a touch down. But they're gamers and they struggled into position and finally made a couple of trick plays that won the game. Amazing!

The icing on the cake was the proposal from their star running back to the head cheerleader. Ah! Nothing like fairy tale romance to make a 38 year old woman depressed! ha!

Great Game! Now to change the system so that these guys could actually make a run for the National Title.


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