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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Now on Video


Well, I'm generally not a fan of Spielberg and so resisted seeing this movie in the theatres. But had heard good things recently and decided to rent it. I thought it was a really compelling story about the transformation of a man and of a movement. It didn't condone Israel nor did it completely demonize Palestine. It spoke of home and the desire for everyone to have a place on earth that is their own. It spoke of a man haunted by what he'd done and nobody wanted to know about it. It showed how we are all destroyed by decisions we make--good and bad.

Powerful, haunting, and beautifully acted, esp. the performance of Eric Bana.

Down in the Valley

I typically love anything that Edward Norton is in, but this strange fable of a mentally instable man (schizophrenic?) and his interlude with a young girl and her volatile father and vulnerable brother is disturbing, shocking, and ultimately, not very well told. I felt disconnected--even though his performance is great, as is the performance by the father (David Morse)--from the overall flow of the film. Wouldn't recommend.


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