Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: The Oud and other weekend activities

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Oud and other weekend activities

It was a very busy weekend; normally, the Monday after the Super Bowl I would have nothing on my mind but whether my team won or lost (it won). But I had such an eventful weekend that I'm not going to talk about that sloppy, rainy, messy, game at all--other than to say I'm glad the Colts pulled it off.

Friday night began with a concert at the Gig--a charming, tiny live music venue that's for serious listening only. No booze, no smoking--just auditory delights and a lavatory for emergencies. Anyway, if any music pulls at my heart strings, it is the oud. Yes I have fond associations (the love of my life played the oud) but it's also just the most melancholy, but open and pure sound of any stringed instrument out there. The energy of the musician and his drummer was so pure--so radiant--that I was instantly in love. And not in the swoony 1930s bad b-movie way, but in the pure, dive-deep-int0-the-ocean-of-sound-that-is-love-way. There was so much love in that room from the sound and the vibration of the musicians that one was literally 'in love'. Swimming in it!

Saturday was the usual morning: sadhana, the bhog, teach my class, but then I worked a couple of hours here at the office and then went straight to bowl with some friends for the Rotary Club fundraiser. I bowled a 135! my first game; it was all downhill from there, but still fun to have bowled over a 100. Saturday night was an impromptu gathering at my friend Japa's. Great fun, great food. Tried to teach everyone how to play pinochle but it's going to be harder than I don't realize how complicated something is when you've played it your entire life.

Sunday began with an early trip into Santa Fe to lead the services at the Unitarian Universalist Congrational Church. Snatam and Sangeet led the jetha--several of us joined them. Dharm Singh--from Chocolate Maven fame--gave a little homily about Sikhism. It was very well received. I broke down. Still don't really know why; but I had to lock myself in the bathroom stall between services and sob. In some way I must be mourning my past. After the confrontation over the holidays with my plane mate, I've had to really take a hard look at the faith I grew up in and the faith I maintain now. So I suppose I was just moved by a group of people who, like Sikhs, are open to all paths and feel no need to say one is right or wrong, but simply to follow the one that feels right for them. It was very moving. Sangeet has decided we need to take the show on the road. So if you know of any congregation that would like to know more about Sikhism--we've got a program for you!

Sunday ended with the game--a big gathering at friends. I, of course, am the only woman in the living room watching the game. My friend later joined me so I wasn't so alone in my enthusiasm but I suppose I'm still a puzzle to most people. As my friend Sangeet said to me earlier in the afternoon after the interfaith program, "you really are a puzzle; well-read and politically informed but also likes fashion magazines and sports." Ah. I'm afraid it's true.

Well--that's my report. Live from here in the high desert of Northern New Mexico.


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Prabhu Singh said...

I guess I'll find out Japa's score later. I pledged based on her score. (with a minimum pledge of $50 in case she scores very poorly :-) lol
Sat Purkh Kaur Ji, if you like stringed instruments you should come to one of the Wednesday raag classes. Among other things, we play stringed instruments invented by the Guru's themselves!

At 3:24 PM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Now if you would only pledge to our Birthday Project--see entry from last week....We need some momentum and if anyone can add momentum to something Prabhu, it's you!

I think you'll be safe with the $50 on the bowling pledge -- smile.


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