Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Chuck Hagel Barks But Does He Bite

Friday, January 12, 2007

Chuck Hagel Barks But Does He Bite

I was pleasantly surprised, taken aback even, when I heard Hagel's blistering comeback to Rice's explication of the "new plan for Iraq" (which looks like the old plan, smells like the old plan, what's new about it). Perhaps the momentum of the election is snapping a few republicans awake as well? Their constiuency are the ones who's sons and daughters are dying over there. They have a lot to be accountable for and maybe, finally, they're waking up to to that. What will history have to say about these men and women in the house and senate that let another president go to war--without even a whimper.

Not that it hasn't happened in the past and not that it won't happen again. But it was a wonder to hear Hagel -- a republican -- snarling a bit. The dogs are barking but will they bite and put a stop to this now meaningless presence in Iraq? Meanwhile the Alpha Dog needs to tuck tail and be willing to get out of there....not only admit it as a mistake which he finally conceded to Wednesday night, but also be willing to get out of there and not continue trying to push an agenda that takes us deeper into territory we don't belong in (must I say it, Iran)


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