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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

seen at the cinema

Dream Girls

Well--for a musical movie it was great. It's worth seeing just for the performance of the newcomer Jennifer Hudson. Her performance is stunning--and not just the song "You're Going to Love Me" but throughout the entire movie.

Eddie Murphy's performance is a little tired. Too much time in body make-up? And Jamie Foxx who I generally love is too tight in this performance. Beyonce who can so easily go over the top, doesn't and it saves the movie really.

All in all, a good time--if not a perfect dream, certainly not a nightmare.


Almodovar strikes again. In the early 90s I was the consumate Pedro fan and saw everything he did--and then I phased out, can't really remember why. Maybe it was the once too often reference to S&M in his films? Doesn't matter, because he's back to his luminous form with Volver. Funny--shockingly funny, absurd, stunning and of course, knock-out women in red! Penelope Cruz is great! And the rest of the ensemble is perfectly cast as well. Go see this movie!



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