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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Everyday things I love

Everyday things

Once, several years ago, a friend
said to me, "your world is so small."
I agreed. But what he didn't see--what
no one sees--is that even in these small,
everyday things, this tiny little world
I dwell in, these 20 square blocks,
this well-traveled country road,
the curve of these particular mountains,
that particular body of water,
the deep lines in my brows,
the map of my hands,
the worlds within my own eyes.

These everyday things are my
universe. You see it as small; but I
have always believed that the only way
to know everything was to be intimately
engaged with one thing. To know it like
your own hand, the curve of your own breast,
the light in your own eye. These are the
things we can know. An in our knowing,
the entire play of the cosmos awakens
in our hearts.

My small world is a temple, a grand
basilica, a symphony, a song.

These everyday things give me comfort.
They are the keys to what I know of Infinity.
They are the image of God. There are no idols,
there is only the magic and mystery found
in these the most mundane of
everyday things. And my small world
is alight with the play of the Infinite
in this wooden spoon, in this rounded, smooth stone,
in this well-worn book, in this faded photograph,
and this pair of jeans, littered with holes.

Look upon your world--sing your song, build your
temple, write your symphony in the names of all
the everyday things that surround you.
This is love.



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