Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: May 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Stories We Tell

My husband and I had a fairy tale beginning. But as you know, fairy tales often have a dark side, too; and this is the journey, the transformation, the catalyst of any true fairy tale. For nothing light can exist without darkness; and the mind must have it's play.

Lately I've been observing my mind change the fairy tale story, so that the very same words that began our journey have now become the shadow. For example, "our marriage is a test of faith and obedience, it is hukam." This once inspiring line has now become a source of doubt within me: He's just doing this out of duty; he doesn't really want to be married. There are other examples but this isn't a post about my insecurity (because we're not supposed to reveal it!); it's a testament to the power of the mind and the stories we tell ourselves.

This polarity exists in everything. But what I find fascinating is that the polarity stems from the same thing--like a flip of the coin--there's only one coin but there are two sides. So the story that once inspired great confidence in my marriage and its origins, now plants seeds of insecurity and doubt. Why? Because my mind is telling a different story with the same words! In the same way, the things we find most charming about someone in the beginning often become the source of our greatest aggravations later. How is it possible? It's simply the nature of polarity; and it's our job to watch the play and come to neutrality. To no longer attach to any story--negative or positive--and simply be. Simply love. Simply share.

Drop the story. Forget about the plot. Quit telling yourself how things have always ended. Just be in the moment, and let yourself be. Be to Be. Be Free.