Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Shopping and Samagam

Monday, January 16, 2006

Shopping and Samagam

Well, I always try to balance out my uberspiritual weekends with either a lot of TV or shopping--just so I don't lose my head. A couple of friends and I headed for Albuquerque Saturday morning for my first Samagam--a weekend-long kirtan in the Sikh tradition. It was really lovely, especially the morning program of chanting and silent meditation followed by singing the morning prayers (shabds). What a generous tradition! We were all put up in hotel rooms during our stay and fed three meals a day, plus snacks (ahhhh burfee!).

It was a bit unnerving when we first arrived. The room where the chanting was being held was complete dark. We couldn't tell where to walk, sit, or kneel to the guru. We had to have them turn the lights on--twice--thankfully, no one derided us for our clumsy ways! And once we sat and joined the chanting of the gurmantra, Wahe Guru, in the dim light, we understood. What a wonderful way to completely let yourself blend with the sound current. No distractions.

I sandwiched the weekend with some heavy duty shopping. I now have the ultimate tv-viewing couch there is--cushy and each end has a recliner! And no, there aren't cup holders, too;I had to maintain some dignity (smile). But, for the remainder of the winter, I'm going to have some posh digs for movie viewing from home. Now if I could only afford satellite for the spring NBA championships.

Speaking of sports: How disappointing was this weekend in the NFL? My two favorite teams, the Patriots and the Colts, both out in some miserable, mistake-ridden games. Unbelievable!


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