Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Scrooge No Longer

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Scrooge No Longer


Well, it took becoming a Sikh for me to get the Christmas Spirit. I've generally been a scrooge for years. I'm surprised my nieces and nephews still talk to me as infrequently as I send them any gifts. But this year, somehow I contracted the Jingle Bell Rock--Christmas music in stores doesn't even bother me. I've enjoyed going to the mall. I know, this is scary. But I promise, nothing more serious can come of it.

However, it did inspire me and my friends to do a little Santa's Helper action last weekend. I bought a tree and some construction paper and popped some popcorn and we all sat around making paper garlands and popcorn and cranberry strands. We hung candy canes and made gummy candy garlands. We watched a not-so-classic Christmas movie, Bride and Prejudice, and put together the cutest little tree you've ever seen! (I hope to have pictures eventually.) Then, singing "we wish you a Merry Christmas", we carried the tree across the street to my neighbor's little girls and plugged it in....What a delight! I highly recommend espionage gift giving this Christmas and any time of the year.

Let Your Light Shine!


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