Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Seahawks & Sickness & Political Ineptness

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Seahawks & Sickness & Political Ineptness

Well, I'm not surprised that Seattle lost the Superbowl, which is part of the whole problem with Seattle and professional sports. The entire fan consciousness is too suspect, too erudite, and too cynical to be blindly devoted and supportive of their home team. Until we, the fans, change, professional sports in Seattle are doomed to fail.

I'm happy for the "bus" though. To win a ring in front of your old neighborhood in your last professional game--what a way to go!

On other news, the entire office has had one thing or another for the past 2 weeks. And I keep fighting it off, but not quite feeling well either. Limbo land. So, no movies to review, no news to tell, only a wish to feel better so that I can come up with something a bit more exciting to write about.

This week we have lost two of our matriarchs--Coretta and Betty. Both held a space for women in politics in their own way and both brought strength and stamina to the face of America. Meanwhile, the men in charge continue to lie under oath and accept half-assed answers. It's unbelievable that a Senator of the United States can say, Well, I know that's not the whole story, but I guess I have to accept your answer. Why does he have to accept an answer that he knows is a lie. Whatever happened to grilling someone until they broke? Whatever happened to demanding the truth? I'm a Watergate baby; I grew up with the hearings as background noise; I grew up actually getting to see real war on tv, not some cleaned-up rated "g" version; I grew up expecting lies to be covered up--not displayed out in the open expecting everyone to just swallow it. So when I see these half-witted efforts going on right now, I'm apalled.

As my mother would say, Where is your sense of indignance?


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