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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

film stuff

Well, it's been a slow few weeks for movies. But I have seen a few gems. Mentioned earlier from my trip to Seattle, The Matador, a funny, dark film with Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear (who's one of my favorites). I will forever have emblazened in my memory the image of Pierce walking through a hotel lobby with a beer in one hand, sunglasses, a black speedo, and ankle boots unzipped. What bravery for an actor who for years has been known for his class. In fact, it took his producing this movie to get the first decent role in years, if ever. Greg Kinnear is perfect, as usual. I recommend it; if it's still playing in your neighborhood that is.

Dave Chapelle's Block Party. Oh man! To have been in Brooklyn back in 2004 and seen this show--amazing. All the best hip-hop artists (with the exception of KRS-1) from the past 15 years there on stage together. And then, there's Dave. Why he's so funny I can't quite figure out--but he is! I think it's his casual attitude, like yeah, I'm here, so what? The other thing that it proved to me was this: something is really wrong with Lauren Hill.

Failure to Launch. Okay. So I'm smart, I know why the critics panned it, but I still love SJP so much that I tolerated MM. It wasn't a great movie--but if you're in the mood, it's just right.

Things are cooking here at work folks, so my entries may be fewer and further between. Apologies in advance.


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