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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On Video

Two of my favorite movies in the past few years are now available on video:

Station Agent

A charming movie about three strangers who become friends through an the alchemy of l0neliness and loss. It's a movie about being an outsider; about allowing people into your lives, whether you want to or not; about being loved for who you are--not what you're supposed to be or what people make think you are.

I love this movie and I know you will too.

Hustle & Flow

Terrance deserves an Oscar for this moving film about a pimp/dealer in Memphis. This movie is about dreaming in the face of absolute despair and bankruptcy of every kind. In some ways it's disturbing to watch the womem in the movie support and love this man despite years of abuse. But again, life is bigger than its stereotypes and this movie portrays all the wide and diverse human emotion that can allow a woman to love, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

It also shows the heart of a man that can rise up out of emptiness and desire something greater. Desire is the seed of every change--good and bad. Desire is the fire. And Terrance so beautifully shows the conflict, the courage, the will of such a man. A man most of us would dismiss without a second look.

But in the words of the director, this movie is about how much a man needs the support of a woman. It's made me examine my past relationships and how much criticism I brought to the table, instead of support. Doubt instead of hope. This movie challenges me and uplifts me on so many levels. And the music tears it up!


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