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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Seen at the Cinema

Two flicks--no flames

Crank: Aptly named. You feel like you're on speed the entire time you're in the movie. The draw of course was Jason Statham, my favorite action movie star (besides the Rock--go ahead and mock, but the Rock rocks!) these days, that is, until they give Clive Owen a go at the genre. It opens with some woozy film effects and then the movie just speeds up from there. It has the most outrageous scene of any movie I've seen in years. I'll spare you the details, but it involves the international district in LA, tourists and s--. Not three things you typically associate with one another. I can't say I'd recommend it because it's soooo graphic and over-the-top (and yes I do mean it in the literal sense--if you peek over you may get hit) but I can't say I hated it. Definately NOT for children, NOT for my family, ACTUALLY, not for most people I know with a grain of conscience.

The Illusionist: Again, the effects of this movie were a bit much. The lighting too dim. The fades in and out a bit much. But overall, a very charming movie and the first for Edward Norton in what feels like years but maybe I was just asleep for his other summer hits? Norton has a stare that is very compelling and he gets ample opportunities to use it in this feature film. Giamotti (sp?) is also really good in this film. But when isn't he? The actor playing Leopold is quite compelling as well (a Rufus something), he doesn't overplay what could have easily become almost a cartoon, or charicature, of the crowned prince and son of one of the most "evil" empires that ever existed. (See King Leopold's Ghost) Right up there with contemporary evil empires--like the Bush empire. (that's for all you fans of the blog in Texasville--please take it with the humor it's intended and a generous grain of salt--in fact, just throw a good old-fashioned salt like from the ranch on there!) Go see it? Sure, why not.


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