Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Good Day Sunshine II

Friday, November 10, 2006

Good Day Sunshine II

I stepped out my front door to a flash of gold. The sun coming over the hill, the turning leaves on the cottonwood in the yard, the golden coat of my dog.....brilliant. But then on my walk, instead of enjoying the crisp fall air (it's still sooo mild here, it's wonderful)I argued in my head the entire time. There's been an unpleasant exchange with someone I work with--and it's not the first--and since then I've been running scenarios in my head. SHould I have said this? What if I wrote that instead? Can I approach it again or leave it alone? Finally I said to myself--drop it! Then luckily, my friend Devi Dyal came around the corner and I got a chance to get out of my head a bit and listen to her stories.

It's been an intense fall--lots of changes both internally and externally. But I'm coming out on the other side feeling good, getting healthier, and living a bit more each day. I know I have these periods of what I call 'yin'--the gathering--in which I do very little, read a lot, watch movies, basically, shut down. And I know they are necessary. But I also know that I allow them to linger out of laziness or lethary or pure law of physics--once something slows down it continues slowing down unless there is an outside force to change it's momentum. So, becoming one's own outside force is essential. Discipline. Regimine. Sadhana. Whatever the name, it's ultimately a decision.

Amazing how powerful a decision can be amidst all the mind's thousands of thoughts.


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