Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow will be a big day of eating and festing with friends here in the community. There's a talent show and a big community meal plus I've been invited to friends for an evening dinner--and they're the best chefs in town! Thanksgiving used to be a big event for me when I lived in Seattle. I lived in an old converted mansion and we would often have up to 36 people over for dinner--seated at two long antique tables pushed together in the entry way. Amazing. We cooked all day! Some of the most amazing food I've ever had--to this day. Sigh.

I'm following this tradition of indulgence with a silent retreat--3 days of solitude and silence and fasting. I've been meditating since my birthday about doing another vision quest. I did one back in Ojai, California in my 20s and it's been a long time. I've been feeling like I need it. Here, though, it's a bit colder and not quite as safe. So, I'm just doing a silent retreat in my home. Hafiz writes: If you really want to do something for yourself, lock yourself in a closet for three I'm taking his advice. It's not quite a closet, but I am going to confine myself to the gurdwara in my home, with only two exceptions: bathroom breaks and taking care of my animals. Otherwise, I'm going in and under. Off the radar. Off the map. I'll let you know what I find in the deep woods of my own mind and the oftimes desert of my heart.

Have a great weekend. May you too find a way to refresh yourself this holiday weekend. And may no one know hunger on this day of all days. May everyone be safe and have a home to return to. May all be happy and free from suffering--including the turkeys!

many blessings and many thanks. Sat Nam.


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