Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Samba

Monday, November 13, 2006


I saw an amazing singer this weekend, Claudia Villela, from Brazil. She had an incredible range and, like Bobby McFerrin, a way with skat! She could sustain a melodic note and still make these rhythmic sounds on top of it! AMazing. She and Bruce Dunlap were recording a life performance at my favorite little place to see a show--Gig. I recommend it!

The next day I went to her workshop; so now I know all the rudiment rhythms of Samba, which are four very distinct sounds and patterns which overlay one another. They will be a great foundation for the third piece of my trilogy: Transformation. The third piece of my trilogy is called Carnival and getting a chance to study with her was a boon because now I'll have some actual source information for that style of music and movement.

She's so alive--she moves her body so fluidly and easily. THere is not an ounce of pretense in her. Refreshing, especially from one with such formidable skill.

Highly recommend if you ever see her name in print to go, see it, buy it, whatever you have to do to experience this woman's aliveness.....It's better than a shot of b-12.


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