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Monday, December 11, 2006

Now on Video

I saw three different videos recently--the reviews will be fairly short and to the point:

A Prairie Home Companion

If they had let it be simply what it was--a musical comedy variety show, then it would have been brilliant. But the illusion to the 40s and the 'ghost' just didn't work for me.

Kinky Boots

A little bit more serious than I expected, but overall, a well-told story and brilliantly acted by the all-British cast.

The Beat My Heart Skipped

An intense French film about an intense young man facing a "Saturn Return" crisis. He's 28 and for all intents and purposes a thug. But his mother was a musician and he has a chance meeting with someone who reawakens the artist within him and turns his life on its head. Interesting. Romain Duras I think is the name of the actor--very intense.


Stars my favorite male archetype, Clive Owen, and the lovely Hellen Mirren. Cute. A good movie to take home and watch with your mom.


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