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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seen at the Cinema

The Holiday

This had gotten really bad reviews so I was questioning whether I should go or not. I'm glad I went. It was charming, moving, if occassionally over the top. I had my doubts about Jack Black as a serious romantic lead, but he is charming. Words are unnecessary for Jude Law; however, he was luminous as the vulnerable father cum playboy. The two lead roles played by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet were all too familiar, especially the role of Iris (winslet), however the Amanda character is becoming fairly familiar lately, as well. Either falling in love with men who can never return it or never quite being able to go there emotionally, it's the fate of many a modern woman. Their transformations are equal parts hollywood fantasy and old wives' tale wisdom.

The chemistry between each of the couples is very good, convincing even. It's true that it's a chick flick (oh how I hate that term) and at times it's a bit too corny of one, but overall I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the characters, I related to their -isms and I rejoiced in their transformation. Love is good--even when it's corny.


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