Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: The Lonely Hearts Club--Not

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Lonely Hearts Club--Not

Well, I have to admit I'm a bit shocked. My Valentine's day message got more feedback than any other in the history of this blog. Evidently matters of the heart matter most. (Although I still encourage you to scroll down and participate in the Birthday Dedication!!! Please?)

Valentine's day was an opportunity for me to relish my friendships. Several friends sent me chocolates--yum! and even though my evening plans fell through, it turned out to be a delight. My close friend Gurpurkh came over to comiserate and we ended up laughing well into the night. Just the medicine I needed.

The twilight broke with 4 inches of fresh snow and an opportunity to read from the Guru at 4 in the morning (our weekly Akhand Path) and sing with my friend Dharm in the morning chants at Sadhana. A perfect way to start the day--topped off with hiking with my dog for an hour in the fresh snow!

There's nothing like being the first tracks through soft, fluffy, bright snow. The sound Vinnie (my chow-chow) makes when he rushes past me, the crunch beneath my feet, the eerie quiet. Stunning. Highly recommended.


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