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Friday, June 22, 2007

in a dream

Well, I should finally report about the CD-Release party since it's been several days. . . . It was as if I was in a dream.

The day started with a fender-bender and a near-head-on collision. So, needless to say, I was a little shook. Then all hell broke loose at work. No need to provide details there but everything that could have gone wrong--did.

Then I race up the mountain for my appointment with an amazing teacher Shiv Charan Singh from England. It was transformational and I am so grateful for the realizations I came to within that session, but on this day, the day of my cd-release party, I didn't need anything more to shake me up--right!

So by the time the release party comes around, I am drained and dazed--generally shook. My sister who has come a loooong way to see the show ends of taking care of me like an invalid for the better part of the afternoon (thanks Ronda) and I walk around in a dream. Tej Kaur my friend and co-worker sees me and says, Come on. She takes me out back just before the show and does her 'thing' on me. Then my friend looks at me and says, Hey, You're going to be great! and so with the healing treatment and the love and support of my friend I felt grounded and relaxed and I sit down for the sound check, which takes forever and doesn't seem to be progressing anywhere....then all these musicians begin to show up. A few I had invited and a few that Dharm invited--I don't really know?

But with five extra people on stage than I had anticipated, I had to relax, let go, and just be in the flow--which is when I'm at my best. It was so lovely-like a dream. Listening to Amar Singh and Ram Dass Singh play flute and clarinet--I was in total bliss. And the drumming just kept my heart beating and the music moving and we all listened to each other for the endings and the shifts and it was beautiful. Thanks so much to everyone who was there to support me!

When the set ended, I was so in a daze, I barely even said goodnight to people-just wandered off to my car and headed home. Surreal. But it did happen--I have pictures to prove it!


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