Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Practicing Acceptance

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Practicing Acceptance

I've been working with my attachment issues lately. They could just as easily be called abandonment issues--and I find that interesting, because on the surface they seem so counterintuitive. But in the life of the human heart, one often gives birth to the other.

Originally I was going to call this post practicing non-attachment, but I realized that what I really want to practice is acceptance. Turning the language around can go a long way toward turning the mind around.

For example, I feel rejected; but in reality, I'm not rejected but rather I'm rejecting the situation as it is. I'm unwilling to just allow life on life's terms--and that's a recipe for unhappiness, which I'm not willing to participate in any longer. Such a waste of time, when I could simply be open and loving and pray for the best and highest good--for myself and the one I love. Everything else lies in guru's hands. And as my friends continue to suggest--Next!

I've never been good at next. I've always clung to the past, thinking in some way I could influence it or change it, if I only tried hard enough. Now I recognize that it's simply the way I'm wired. And the only way I can re-wire it, is to begin thinking and responding in new ways. Language is a key to that fundamental shift in perception. So, I accept that things are perfect--just as they are. I accept that relationship is wider and deeper and broader than any limited definition I might want to impose on it. I accept that I'm in the land of Big Love and everything I think I want only serves to limit that Big Love. So--I just love. And I expand. And I pray. And I wait....

...because something good is already within me and something good is always coming.


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