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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love is. . . .

Love is love; Yogi Bhajan's famous definition is a reminder to me that love has no conditions, no causal relationship, no unique environment. Love is simply love. Today I found a quote from the new Rebirthing manual (it's out!) which tells of the fruits of love in a really beautiful and profound way.

"Love gives you one thing: an understanding of the other person's grace." (c) The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, November 30, 1988

Love takes us beyond ourselves; we look and see the other person. We truly see. Instead of being blinded by our own desires and agendas, we simply see. We see their light, we see the God within them, we see grace--and we experience that grace within ourselves because we love. We love that light and we become one with that light.

To experience love within this sacred space is unlike anything I've ever felt before. There is longing; there is desire; but there is no attachment. Instead, there is a sense of flow, there is an ease, a simplicity, a grace. There is a sense of sahaj, when command and obedience are one; otherwise known as living in hukam.

Love is . . . love. All we have to do is love. Love ourselves. Love each other. Love. And in that loving, understand the grace within everything.


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Fl├ívia Santos said...

Love is love...So simple and at the same time so difficult to understand and to practice...When Jesus came to Earth, the only thing He taught us was to love, since by loving, we would become perfect beings. That's it. Simple as that. However, 2 thousand years have gone, and many of us haven't learnt what it is to learn yet. One day we'll learn.... Sat nam! :-)

Karam Prem Kaur


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