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Thursday, September 07, 2006

dance dance dance

Since coming to this little strip of dirt in N. New Mexico (I should say for the record that the valley is quite beautiful this summer--verdant even), I've become more and more sedentary. I was pretty sedentary back in Seattle, but at least I walked around more--walk to the movies, walk to coffee, walk to meet friends, etc. Here, I walk maybe 15 feet--from my car to the front door and back. So this week I turned a new leaf. Lately--over the past few months-I've been playing around with performance art, still in the writing phase, but I wanted to explore movement as well. So-I took my first modern dance class in probably 15 years, and even then I only took a handful. It felt great! It's as if I had in some way renounced a connection to my physical self since coming here. As a result, I don't even recognize myself in the mirror lately. You can imagine then--standing in front of full-length mirrors--moving this foreign 'body' around. My knee hurts, but heart feels wide open!

Who knows? Maybe I'll become a professional dancer--in my 40s!


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