Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Chasing Ghosts and Discovering the Name

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chasing Ghosts and Discovering the Name

For those of you who follow this blog, you may remember my commentary on story--how it defines us, how it moves us, and how we see the world through our own particular lens called story.

Often the pain of the present--or the ecstasy--will lead our minds to fantasy. Anywhere but here. Whatever our nervous system, heart, guts, mind--whatever piece of ourselves that can't accept what's happening--checks out. And the hidden self takes its place along with all its agendas and reactions.

For some it means turning to mediums for guidance, or numerology, or astrology, or whatever--anything to not check in with ourselves. For me, I turn to the pendulum, which is always wrong, but nevertheless, the desire for something outside ourselves to confirm our reality is a strong draw; it's a hook. In the past 24 hours I've been confronted with my own hook, my own desire for confirmation outside myself, even as I challenge my beloved to turn within and recognize and accept his heart's own truth.

One of the major hooks in the spiritual life is the spiritual ego. The more power we accumulate through our practice, the more susceptible we are. We all long to be great. There is something within us that is God and we must own it in order to be ourselves--our True Self. For so many years, my story was, I know I'm great, but . . . .and I made up every excuse in the world, I clung to every obstacle, I refused to see. Now that I've had an experience of that God within, an experience of my expansiveness, my compassion, my strength, I understand how simple it is. Our stories of greatness, and all the accompanying fears and strivings and ego that go with them, keep us from the simple recognition of our Self. It's been an interesting journey toward recognizing the identity that is my name--Sat Purkh. True Being, Beloved of God, Perfect Protector of Truth.

When we drop the story, drop the obstacles, drop the hidden agendas and just look at the world--what do we see? What do I see when I see me? By simply being, I am that perfect protector, I am beloved, I am, I am.

May we no longer chase the ghosts
of our stories
our myths
our fantasies

May we live in the ever-present reality
that is all-pervading love
May we rest in that reality
quit striving
quit trying
And simply offer
and compassion
with an open heart
and open hands

And may our shadows
see the light
And may our ghosts flee
and allow us to simply


At 6:59 AM, Anonymous P.Kaur said...

Satnaam dear one

It was a lovely blog. It's true we turn on mediums, astrology and stuff when we're not confident in ourselves, when we feel empty inside and try to seek help from people who aside us from our true believes. My relatives have tried harm on us and we’ve tried seeking help from people I’d call as healers! They did help us in a way but the true self realization is being one with God and that’s exactly what you mentioned. Your blog was interesting and useful!

With Guru's blessings,
Kaur -princess‘Daughter in Divine’ …I love my name too. The meaning is really sweet!

At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great deep thoughts!

When ever we feel empty inside, see the entire universe within and emptyness is filled with joy. We are like passengers with two-way ticket, so why consider this place as permenant, instead enjoy the beauty of it with every breath and leave this world with joy. There should be no room for emptyness when vastness is brought within.

One thing that I have learned from Guru Granth, is try to make your current life heaven and see God as the same light everywhere



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