Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Karmas II

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Karmas II

Another take on karmas is that everything in your life is a karmic experience--doesn't have a reality from its own side--but often we think it is real--from its own side, meaning inherent. For example, my beloved. Affection, care and respect naturally arise when I spend time with this person--that's all lovely. But what is interesting to me at this point--and what one of my therapists was trying to show me (I think)--is that feelings arose within me that were new--safety, the desire to serve, containment, the sense of being beautiful. And because I had never felt them before with anyone else, I thought that they came from him--from his own side. However, I now see (with this understanding of karmic appearances) that those new experiences arose within me because I am now ready to experience them. Some seeds of past goodness have begun to ripen, which is why I am here, which is why I met him, which is why I could experience safety, beauty, containment and the desire to serve when I was with him. It doesn't necessarily mean that those things are inherently his; yes, he may have those qualities, but what is important to me and my own process is that I recognize that I am ready to receive them. I am now a proper vessel.

This view helps me to lessen my attachment to him as the one, unique vehicle to deliver those experiences to me. And they were grand experiences--to feel safe, to feel beautiful, to desire to serve, to feel contained--I want to experience them again. But I can know that because they arise from myself, I am not dependent on him to manifest them. They are an expression of me.

May everyone feel safe
May everyone know their own beauty
May everyone have the peace of containment
May everyone experience the desire to serve
May we know that all our experiences come from within
so that we can be free of attachment, desire, and anger
and ultimately of ignorance and suffering
May we all be happy


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