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Friday, September 21, 2007


I've never been much of a planner; have always preferred to be in the flow. However, this next year is going to be a whirlwind and so a bit of planning is necessary to make it all come together.

First--I've been invited to Spain to sing at the yoga festival there. This would be my first trip to Europe (outside of a day or two in London as a kid) and serendipitously it falls on my 40th birthday! Soooo, Paris it is and then the NW coast of Spain, which means language study for the foreseeable future. I've studied French and Spanish off and on over the years but have never become very comfortable in conversation. Hopefully this impending trip will motivate me.

Second--Also because it's a big year (40th birthday and all) I'm getting motivated to do things that have always been on my list, beginning with this weekend: I'm taking a jazz piano workshop tomorrow. One of my oldest and dearest fantasies has been to learn all my favorite jazz standards, throw on a gorgeous red dress, and perform somewhere. I figure now that I'll look good in that red dress, it's time to brush up on the piano!

Meanwhile, I'm off to Minneapolis for my first performance as a recording artist in a week or so; I'm probably heading to Los Angeles at some point as well; and the list goes on. I guess planning isn't so bad after all.


At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds very exciting!!

Life is a journey enjoy it with every breath. keep us posted about your experiences and I don't mind seeing photo's if feasable. Never been to europe, sure sounds like an exciting place with lots of history. maybe one day!

Gurinder "G"


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