Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Doing Things Differently

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Doing Things Differently

Well, the cynic in me wants to say, "see, it doesn't matter what I do, the outcome is still the same!" But I know it's not true. This time I did everything differently--and yes, the outcome is the same. I still have a broken heart; but I'm not broken because of it.

I loved as honestly as I'm capable of loving. I was open, fair, kind, and generous. I learned a lot about myself. And I maintained my Self: my self-respect, my self-love, my integrity, my devotion, everything. And I got to see what remains of my neurosis, my self-interest, my fear and I got to elevate myself--through consciousness--to a place of conscious loving, conscious living, and devoted surrender.

And it's making a huge difference! Because even though the outcome is all too familiar, (I know my way around a broken heart--lots of practice--smile) my response is very different. I feel alive, vibrant, and awake to the possibilities. I feel covered by God's Grace--whatever the outcome.

I feel in love--with life.

So--here's to doing things differently.

May you try something new
in the face of all your fears

May you act in ways that
support your highest good
even when every cell and nerve
in your body wants to cling
to what's known

May you believe, truly,
that you can create a different
tomorrow by what you do today

May you be free from yesterday
to act authentically today

And may you have the courage
to call upon guru's grace

Sat Nam


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