Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: The God Realm--a Poem

Friday, October 10, 2008

The God Realm--a Poem

The God Realm

like Brahma
he sits and meditates
the world into existence
spontaneous, rising
and falling
thought weaves his
world into being
--the yogi and the mountain

like Krishna
he loves the dancing ladies
the world an intoxicating
flow of stimulation
cessation and creation
existence and nonexistence
balanced on the top
of the world
--the razor's edge

like Shiva
he covers himself in ash
and runs through
the markets
his manhood stiff
with the excitement and fear
of destruction, desolation
--a recapitulation

The god realm
woos the wounded soul--
leave behind the small
pleasures of the human
life--the simplicity of
a shared gaze,
a secret smile,
a quiet whisper,
the lightest touch
in the middle of the night
when darkness has taken over
not just the skies
but the heart.

one who can relish these
simple, human things
holds the key
to happiness


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