Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: On the Rise

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the Rise

Processing processing processing...I feel like an old '80s computer--or the new vista system (smile)--with the little icon swirling and turning and keeping me from doing anything else! But at least it's moving--no longer frozen. I feel a little more like myself everyday.

I've stayed steady with my practice--even in the face of all my doubts--because I've realized that the practice and the prayer are for me. Funny, when I asked a fairly eminent teacher about someone recently, he made this awful face and recoiled. In my ignorance, I believed he was recoiling in reaction to the person I was asking about. I now recognize he was recoiling at me! (smile) It took a while but it's finally registered. I'm the one that's out of balance. I'm the one not accepting things as they are--which makes people recoil. Brings to mind the word 'cloying'. Makes me claustrophobic just saying it. But I recognize the response and I'm slowing cutting the branches away so that eventually I can reach the root--and can dig it out.

May you always give yourself the time
to see clearly
May you always practice compassion
once you begin to see
May you always merge compassion
with hope--so that you can move forward
May you always be ever rising, and free.


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