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Friday, June 16, 2006

Can I have a witness?

I'm a cynic. I've always been one. I'm from a long line of 'em. I'm also from a long line of idealists, too, and believers. Dreamers who don't just dream but make things happen. Well, it's solstice time here in northern New Mexico and things get intense. You start feeling cooked, on the spit, boiled, baked, braised, bar-b-qued, you name it. At work I'm under a pretty intense deadline, but can't really do much about it. It's all in the hands of other people right now, so I'm just vibrating with it all.

Yesterday the power went out in Abiquiu--a quaint little village north of here where Georgia O'keefe did her master works and where my DVD production company is located. Now this may not sound like a big deal to you, but my reputation is riding on getting their work to Fedex by today. Which at 5:35 on a Friday evening is still yet to happen but they assure me it will. Back to the story: the power goes out, I receive the call, and my boss says--let's meditate. So the whole team gathers in the conference room and does a meditation to prayer for a smooth and successful completion of the project and that the electricity be turned back on--Right Now!

Now, I grew up with praying people. But from as early as I can remember and my mother confirms the story, I have always resisted praying. Don't like it. Maybe never will. But we did it and afterwards my boss asked me to call them and see if the power was back on. I laughed. (I mean are you kidding me? We all feel better but that doesn't mean it actually worked!) But I called. The power wasn't back on, but as we continued talking my engineer (and friend) said, the lights just came, miracles never cease. And I got to witness, once again, my resistance to hope.

On another note, I'm trying out for the Spirit Voyage Idol contest this week. It has a nice prize of a recording contract and budget for an album. Now many of you know that I'm gifted as a singer but blocked as a personality (smile). But I heard something the other day that felt like an omen to me: It's never too late to be the person you could have been. So, I'm going to give it my best shot. Pray for me. Evidently it works!

Happy solstice to everyone, especially you Geminis out there that I know and love.


At 2:04 PM, Blogger Prabhu Singh said...

Guru Amardas Ji Maharaj is an example of not being too old. He performed all the rituals of the Hindus and yearned for God, but he did not acheive the supreme until he bowed at the feet of Guru Angad Dev Ji, when he was already an old man. He was so old and did so much service, and he grew so much in his late life that he inherited the throne of Nanak!
Prayer is not something formal, it is the innermost longing of your heart. Which thought isn't a prayer?
We are no different than the dust of the earth. Our prayers show God that we were gifted consciousness for a reason. Full devotion sans duality, is sincere prayer. You are a living prayer. Sat Naam.


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