Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Dance Dance Dance, part two

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dance Dance Dance, part two

Well, I went to my second modern dance class on Tuesday. It's now Friday and I can barely walk. Maybe I am too old to try something this new? I'm going to continue with it though because I feel soooo good while I'm doing it--and immediately after. What a life of pain in exchange for that feeling? Better than being numb, which is my usual state of being.

I'm a Leo and a sucker for compliments so the instructor is either yanking my chain, needs the money, or sincerely thinks I'm a natural. She said to me the other night, I think you missed your calling. And I got to reply, No, I'm just getting a late start.

It feels like the first time I sat down with my new guitar (a gift from my parents) at my first lesson and then went home to write my first song from the three chords I learned. Ahhhh. The thrill and the freedom of the beginner. I'm only sorry to say that 15 years later, I still know only those three chords (well, okay, I've learned a few more, but not many!).

But here I am beginning again.


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