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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Seen at the Cinema


I agree with Stephanie Z. at Salon that Ryan Gosling is the kind of actor we're going to see from now on. So physical but so natural. So completely believeable--without playing himself (not a Robert Redford).

Anthony Hopkins plays his character in the typical inimitible creepy way. For being such a pleasant man in person (from what I read in the magazines), he can really embody the psychopath. Terrifying.

This movie is very well done. Interesting cinematography--I didn't like all of it--but it was interesting. It felt like an old 40s movie--not noir--but the classic murder mystery, plot driven rather than violence driven. It could very easily have been Gregory Peck and Hugh Laurie.

Highly recommend if you're in the mood for something smart--and a refreshing performance from Ryan Gosling. He's an Oscar winner; it's only a matter of time.



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