Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Being Held

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Being Held

There is something so beautiful and simple about beind held. It fulfills so many fundamental longings--the longing to belong, the longing for safety, the longing to comfort and be comforted. It is karta purkh, the hand that guides, protects, and watches over. To be held by the one you love--sublime.

My longing to belong to someone grows stronger every day. I've been single for a long time, so I know how to be alone. It's very familiar. It's comfortable. It's safe. The longing to belong to someone, though not new, has become an expression of my desire to grow. I've reached the limits of personal growth on my own; I need a mirror, a relationship with another human being, to reflect me back to myself in order to expand further, to grow beyond my blocks, to see myself. It's too easy to hide when you live alone.

This longing to belong, this longing to be chosen, has created a vast desert around me. Everything is dry and empty in the face of this longing. I feel like the bird in the Guru Granth that only accepts water from the heavens, so cries with its throat open to the sky, waiting, waiting for that one drop of rain. I have lost interest in food or water and wait only for the nectar that is love--that long-awaited pool of cool water that will surround me, bathe me in delight, wash me in the ecstasy of merger with another.

This waiting, this emptiness, this zero-point, I know will make the nectar of love, when it comes, taste all the sweeter. And I know that it will come. I have received the hukam. So I wait. And long for the day when my beloved will hold me and never let me go, never let me run, never let me hide, but will shine on me like the sun and show me myself and love me in the face of everything--good and bad, known and unknown.

May we all receive
that which we most long for
may the desert be filled
with blooming flowers
and may the cry of the peeoo
be filled with that longed-for
drop of rain


At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautifully written,

I would like to know that is "being held" for God or for human companion? For either search it should be done at appropriate places. for instance, for God, then search is with in ourselves and for human being that search would be outside. For any goal to be obtained one has to search and find. No one will knock at the door and present themself for a relationship.

I think that we should never think out of emotionas or at the moment of emotions , because it would be always wrong. all thoughts or actions done in regards to emotions will not bring satsifaction at the end.

Thinking out of emotions is just like acting on the impluse. Life is very precious and it should not be comprosmised for anything.

True companion is who holds on to the hand without any strings and who always provides strength to walk on Guru's path.


At 1:01 PM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Thank you for your comments. . . . Please identify yourself in the world of places and names or I'll no longer be able to publish your comments.

Thank you again. I really like the your final line--the true companion who holds the hand without any strings. . . .and provides strength to walk the path.



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