Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Dropping the Pain

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dropping the Pain

For my birthday this year, I got several healing treatment, spent a lot of time by myself, and also reached out to a few friends. One of the healing treatments was particularly lifechanging. A lot of things came up and moved out.

I've brought to all my relationships, but especially intimate ones, a lot of pain, expectation, grief, loss--stuff that doesn't necessarily break good ground for a future. In my healing work over the weekend, I recognized that my beloved and I are both in the process of trying to drop the pain of the past. And even though that is our pure intention, to bring something new and delightful into one another's lives, we've instead brought the same patterns of pain into our own dynamic.

So for now, we've had to let go in order to clear the pain from our lives, our own paths, and to figure out what it is we want. In the Laavan, the marriage ceremony is described so beautifully as a path to balancing the sun and the moon, harmonizing the male and female, and joining together rather than just traveling parallel lives.

I still hope for that flower to bloom in relation to my beloved; but in order for anything to bloom, the soil has to be prepared and we each have so much pain to drop and so much to learn about how to actually relate to 'the beloved' in ourselves and in one another.

May all pain and sorrow
depart and may the
art of love
bloom in our hearts

May consciousness prevail
May the light of the universe
dwell within us
and shine through us

May forgiveness become
as natural as breathing
and may our prayers
be answered

May love live on
in our hearts
and may the circle
of infinity bring love
home to me.


At 9:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts.

Erase the past and live in present. We don't have past in our hands and we don't have future in our hands but we have this very instant in our hands. Choice is ours what to do with this present time, and which will shape our tomorrow and even after this world.

Marriage is about pulling other person up in bad times and in bad times we may lose our temper because who wants to take blame of misfortunes in life. If we put that reponsibilty on someone else's shoulder then it may give us false sense of peace.

Everyone make mistakes in life, we should learn to forgive ourselves even if others have made mistakes. It will hurt if one partner deceives another one, if the pattern of cunningness is repeated over again and again then its time to move on and not be part of that ugly personality.

Life is too short to live by venegence and by controlling others with our psyche. If we learn to truly love our families and friends then we shall be able to truly love our superme beloved. Other wise its all darma to get acceptance or praises from others.

I am also learning from you. thank you



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