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Friday, July 27, 2007

Durga Ma Kali Ma Ma Ma Ma

So over Summer Solstice, I had a session with an amazing teacher, Shiv Charan Singh, from England. He helped me break through a lot of things in a very small amount of time. One of the things he suggested I do is meditate on Durga. Now, when I first got on this path, my first teacher jokingly called me Kali Kaur because of my intense and fiery nature. Kali is a manifestation of Durga Ma. So it was interesting to get this direction and have Kali/Durga come full circle again.

I didn't really know how to go about fulfilling his direction until one day, by chance, I learned that Guru Gobind Singh had written an epic poem about Durga called Chandi di Vaar. Upon learning about it, I went to Sikhnet and printed out a copy of the poem (about 35 pages!) and have been reading it every day. It's a powerful experience. I experience a lot of heat in my body; and my tendency toward anger is definately tested. But in a good way, things that I should be angry about, but tend to avoid for whatever (co-dependent) reasons, I'm becoming more comfortable sitting with my anger around. And I'm also letting go of the anger more quickly, once I've expressed it--and sometimes even without expressing it. It's enough to be with it and recognize it's in there and perhaps it will protect me the next time I'm faced with a similar situation: disrespect, contempt, disregard for my feelings, etc.

Durga is the great mother of compassion, but she is also the slayer of demons. She takes no s--- and does not tarry fools, especially in her manifestation as Kali. Kali can throw down--you know what I mean?

So in studying and reading about this great battle, I'm hoping to overcome some very old ones within myself. Old demons, habits, and behaviors that no longer serve me, but nevertheless, tend to win in the daily battle to be the woman I want to be. And that's all any of us wants really--to have who we believe we can be, become who we are.

May the Divine Mother
slay every demon in your path
to being You.

May the Divine Mother
ever hold you at her breast
so you may always be filled

May the Divine Mother
ever guide you to your own truth
the you within you

And may you never compromise
that you for anything
even the things
you believe you want most


it doesn't work that way

May you always be true
May you always be you
And when you falter
May you forgive and live
on to try again
another day

And may you always remember
to pray


At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its great to have knowledge about it. I used to get angry very quickly because I hated when people lied or try to play ugly tricks, but then I learned that I will not be influenced by their psyche. Its been years and years that anger has dissapated away slowly.

Its great that you are reading tenth granth. But it should be only used for knowledge and only those shabads should be practiced which guide us towards one ultimate power from where these Devi's and gods get blessings too.

That's why in sikhi we eliminate middle persons involoved in the affairs of spiruality. If they (hindu gods) are not worshipped in the way they should be then it could bring devastating results. So please be aware of this.... These powers are below the one ultimate power and our Guruji's rejected the worship of these gods, becuase our goal is beyond it.

If you wish to worship them, then its entirely up to you. I just felt to inform you about these gods. We should respect every gods but worshiping them is another game.

Again, please do as you wish.


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

paying homage to--worshipping--same thing? I don't know. It's just a practice I'm doing to create a specific effect in my own psyche. Is that worship? I don't think so.

At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paying homage is a great thing, and we should do for every soul on this planet. Paying homage to other religions is a great thing, thats why Guru Gobind Singh has showed his homage to the gods because all of them have divine source, just like human beings. Human beings are not able to recognize the divine light within themselves because of ego, and doubt.

The problems with gods is that they get angry just like human beings if the prayers are not done in a specific way or if there is mis-pronounciation of their mantra. I think the reason is that these divine sources are not NIRVAAR.

Try to recite jaap sahib, it really works on the psyche.

Dear, I am trying to share my experiences with you, so that we can make intelligent decisions. I have nothing against these gods and I do respect all of them. But they all are under the one ultimate power.

So, please forgive me if I have sounded harsh in my post. I am not a good writer. I used to hate reading novels but my father kept reminding to read novels when I was in high school. I was only interested in science. So, I do not have very creative way to write or describe how I feel about the issue. sometimes written language sounds harsh.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Greetings G.,

I appreciate your comments. I understand your concerns. I have checked in with several elders in my own community about this practice prior to beginning it on my own. So I believe I am covered.

I don't appreciate being called 'dear'--patronizing to put it politely.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Prabhu Singh said...

The nihang leader Baba Nihal Singh, who is very wise and got along well with Yogi Ji, said that Japji Sahib should be read a second time in the day if you are going to read Chandi Di Var. Because it is such an agitating force, and used for bir ras (warrior spirit). Unless you are going into battle, reading Japji a second time will balance the energy it generates.
I suspect you might be reading the English version in which case, it can still be agitating, but not quite the same as reading in Gurmukhi. I have a recording of it, which I actually have not listened to, but have around in case I want to invoke that spirit. If you want it let me know. I got it off the net, so I may be able to find the link again, otherwise I can send it to you.

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Sat Nam, Sat Purkh Ji

Just read your blog entry from Friday. (I still love your blog).

You say that you are reading Chandi di Var everyday. ..Wahe Guru.
Chandi di Var is an extremely powerful bani that Guru Gobind wrote to
invoke the spirit of Durga. As you are now discovering.

He would have his troops chant this bani before battle so that they
would go into battle in ecstasy - they were not farmers taking on the
Mughal empire's professional army, they were devotees of the Goddess
whirling about with her energy in their veins - sustaining them in
fierce battle far beyond their normal human capacities. They were
held in this extraordinary state through their relationship to Guru
Gobind Singh - he would be holding the space for this tremendous
energy to stay stable for them.

Matamandir Singh made a CD of this a few years ago and stated on the
" is said that reciting this Bani will give one all the martial
arts powers. One cautionary point. It can be very powerful and should
be balanced with something devotional such as a Guru Ram Das chant or
Mere Man Loche"

Martial arts powers without a Master guiding,holding the space, and
without a willing opponent, is the power to destroy. This can easily
slip into projecting out to inappropriate targets or turned inwards
in self-destruction.
Durga (and Kali) are best held in group energies, in the presence of
the Guru. Perhaps you could chant this with a panj in the Gurdwara?
and chant to Guru Ram Das after?? Try 40-days first??

My offering humbly presented

Dharm Kaur

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

THanks Prabhu. Yes, Shanti advised me to read Japji along with it and/or sing to Guru Ram Das immediately after the practice.


At 7:02 AM, Anonymous harjit singh said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa
waheguru ji ki fateh
i am too young to comment on this but mother i am shocked to read all this because i am very much impressed by gora sikhs.and i was shocked because west have scientific outlook.if guru granth sahib forbades us to praise or worship any one other than guru or waheguru. sahibe kamal also worshipped only is farfetched that sarbans dani can worship anyone other than akalpurakh.if one reads guru granth sahib ji can find numerous quotes not allowing sikhs to follow avtaarwaad.
forgive if i have said something wrong.
your son
harjit singh


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