Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Love at First Sight

Friday, September 05, 2008

Love at First Sight

Our culture espouses this notion of love at first sight from the time we're very young. In movies, books, stories, poetry, and songs, we're fed the idea of the look, the moment, when everything changes. It's an expression of our soul's longing for transformation, for union, our longing to belong--to something, to someone.

Everything has a polarity just as everything has a seed of truth, a kernal of wisdom, in it. So, love at first sight? Is it really just karma, samskaras, patterns, hooks--love at first bite? Or is it that moment when the heart sees, again, for the very first time? That spontaneous opening, that fresh breath of air, that awakens us to possibility? For it's never about the one upon whom the gaze falls; it's about the stirring in our own hearts. The truth in each moment, the opportunity to be new, with each breath, to renew.

So as my gaze rests upon your face, in the presence of the guru, and I sense my heart stirring awake, I understand that I love. Just that--I love. I still have within me--after all the pain and heartache--the capacity to love, to love infinitely, to love infinity--to love at first sight--and see myself, again, for the very first time. And with any luck, finally be able to see you, too.


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