Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: The Prayer of Peace

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Prayer of Peace

There are many things you can do when people ask you for prayers. Sopurkhs, the Anand Sahib, Shabd Hazaare, among many others. I've practice each one in different ways and for different reasons. But recently, there is a heaviness on my heart that the usual practices don't seem to alleviate. I asked a friend and mentor what she thought I should do and she suggested Sukhmani by Guru Arjan. It's a very long prayer--and my lack of discipline balked. Then I took a hukam--and opened to one of the Ashtapadis from Sukhmani. Then I took another hukam--and opened to the final Ashtapadi. So--third time is charm. I get the message.

Sukhmani is a prayer for peace, but it's also a prayer for deep, transformational healing and grace.

So I dedicate this prayer to my father's healing, to my beloved's healing, and to peace throughout the world as we approach election day.

Sat Nam.


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