Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: October in Austin--family, baseball, and other thoughts

Saturday, October 21, 2006

October in Austin--family, baseball, and other thoughts

Greetings from the Republic of Texas...I'm still here after spending the middle of the week with my family. It's strange how much you can love your family and how much you can be an adult in all other surroundings, but when you go home, old dynamics crop up and can ruin the whole thing if you let it. We didn't. But still, I always think it's just going to be relaxing and laid-back and somehow it never quite reaches that . . . but pretty close. I always make the mistake of bringing of politics; I always plan not to, but somehow the ugly beast arises despite all my good intentions. The funny thing is that I'm actually not that political, in that, I'm not republican or democrat. But just like physics, I like things explained and somehow I continue to fall under the delusion that political positions fall under the same rules. However, the laws of human behavior, though predictable and quantifiable, somehow never come under the same scrutiny or accountability as physical laws. It always comes back to rhetoric versus reality. We made it out alive!

On the lovlier side of a family visit, my mom put flowers in my room which was very touching and she made pies and we watched movies and of course,'s just fortuitous that I'm here because I've actually gotten to see some of the playoff games where at home I'd be at a loss--just checking the scores on line. How about game seven between the Cardinals and the Mets....You've got to hand it to the rookie, pulling it out with three men on base. Although I will admit I was disappointed for the Mets. How I got to be a NY fan is beyond me, but there it is. I also heard great stories from my nephew who've grown up to be amazing young men. I really like them.

Now I'm back in Austin and serving the course (and Gurucharan). I ironed 5 kirtas last mother would be shocked -- and proud.


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