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Sunday, March 11, 2007

latin lovers

Greetings everyone,

Well, we finished two vocal tracks today--which means, the entire album has been laid out -- vocally anyway. These two final pieces I'm really excited about. One has a beautiful prayer in it praising God, using all the names overlaying one another so that together they create their own internal rhythm; and the other is exciting because it's so different from anything else I've heard over the years. It's got a Cuban samba feel to it and it's going to be a really great dance track--so all you salsa dancers in Chile (Guru Atma!) get ready!

We've got two days left to correct a few vocal tracks that need attention and to begin adding a bit of the instrumentation, but most of that will be done after I'm back home.

Everyday of this process has been so amazing. I think you all are going to love it!


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