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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I end many of my posts with a blessing so that I remember I'm not the only one wanting, needing, desiring, living, breathing, loving, etc. So I try to include everyone who may be going through what I'm going through in my prayer. Here's a blessing from Yogiji:

May your designated destiny
give you the power to bless yourself.

May your mind find out the richness
of your existence and give you all the power
and strength of being, so good and elegant.

May you start appreciating yourself,
in the sense of word, and in a comparative study
may you be thankful for all the virtues.

May your values be shared
in all the goodness and honesty,
and may you be in a position
to fall in love with you,
so that you understand this basic love.

May God take away from you the interrogation
of self-criticism and self-denial,
and may you live well;
in His name, with His grace, for His sake.

May you all be prosperous, virtuous,
compassionate, kind and caring.

May this day bring in you the change,
so you can face the coming age with strength,
with self-loyalty, and with your own virtues.

May Almighty God make you worthy of it. Sat Nam.

--Yogi Bhajan, February 7, 2000


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