Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Fireside Sopurkhs

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fireside Sopurkhs

There's a local spot here called Ojo Caliente. It's been around for years and is known for the healing qualities of its waters. I go there pretty often--especially on Tuesdays, when there's a special for locals--but any weekday after 6pm is pretty reasonable and it's great to go after work when things begin to cool down here in Northern New Mexico.

Lately, I've been taking the time to sit by the bonfire after soaking and recite my Sopurkhs. This is a prayer for the godly man. You can do it for the men already in your life as a prayer to uplift and elevate them; or you can do it to attract a godly man into your life. We recite the verse 11 times; it takes about 20 minutes usually.

There's something very powerful about reciting it as I stare into the fire, sitting out beneath the stars. My mentors continually remind me to make God my lover, my beloved. And these fireside Sopurkhs are beginning to to do just that. It's as if the entire creation, all that is God, has become a sensual feast. Every breath a kiss. Each spark of the fire, the light of my lover's eyes; the cool breeze, his touch.

May we become
alive to all that is

May we awaken to our senses
and delight in every
flower, every drop
of rain, every buzz
of the bee,
every quiet nod
of the dove's peaceful
countenance, every
nudge of the cat's head, every
wag of the dog's tail.

May we play in the rain
and laugh with the thunder.

May we know the God
in everything

May the entire creation
become our beloved


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