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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

found truths

We've moved offices this week and moving always gives you an opportunity to find lost things, get rid of things you no longer want, and smile a few times at the things you decide to keep.

I found a list I created in the Authentic Relationships course last year--perhaps if I had found it sooner, I wouldn't be where I am today. It's a short list of principles for creating and sustaining a relationship. Here's my list:


Be Yourself
Be Open
Be Steady
Be Playful
Be in Prayer


Be Kind
Relish the differences
Respect yourself & one another
Look for the best in each other
Be in Prayer

After what I've discovered about myself these past few months; things my beloved kindly showed me--and was right about every time!--I would add don't live in fear. It is a 'corrosive thread' that seems to affect everything until it's made conscious. It becomes the lens through which everything is viewed until you're aware of it.

I give myself permission today to renounce fear and to live in love. May all obstacles dissolve so this this manifests in harmony.

May you find some
truth tucked away
in some drawer somewhere
that you'd perhaps
forgotten and set aside

May that truth inform
your day, every day
so that you don't have
to learn it again
and again

May some happy surprise
or long-forgotten memento
remind you to love
remind you of who you are
remind you of the beloved

And may you always
be grateful for those things
that have changed you
reflected you
and uplifted you
to be who you really are. . . .

Sat Nam.


At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear this.

May I keep on learning about ourselves and then apply that knowledge.

Knowledge is like light, which dispels darkness from our path towards spirtuality. However, if we are only fasicinated with light then we will keep on hovering around the light all our lives instead to use to it illuminate our path so that we do not end up somewhere that we will regret in the future, or it may cause pain after being on deviated path. Therefore, if we are intrigued by light (knowledge) then its similar to those insects who also keep on hovering around the light bulb but never reach their destiny instead die at the end.

we need to use that knowledge in practical way. If we don't use it then reading volumes and volumes of books will be futile.

What I have learned so far is that learn something then act upon it and gradually keep on building this behavior. Then by the Grace of God we will be beyond the gravity of our minds.

The gravity of our minds is those five theives, which bring us to sub-human levels.

once again, thanks for sharing



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